Test Your Knowledge

Test yourself:

We can't tell you what you do and don't know... you have your own speciality, and with 1000+ languages/libraries out there we could never test everything. Instead for a general measure of how much you know, take a look at our Alphabet of Ignorance - and then ask yourself these questions for each term:

  • Do I know for certain if this does/doesn't apply to my language of choice?
  • Do I know what it means in general.
  • Do I know when to use each concept, and why (especially compared to alternatives).
  • Could I make use of it right here and now, without looking anything up?

Don't feel good/bad based on your answers - these are just meant to highlight that no one can know everything.

Also, notice that we haven't included more corporate development terms like: regression testing, BBD, TBD, Retro, Continuous Integration (CI), Dependency Injection, etc... so this is just a taster of how much is out there.

If you're having trouble viewing this chart, there is a downloadable version attached. Feel free to share it anywhere you like and/or leave feedback.